League of Muslim School Proprietors worldwide (LEAMSP)

League of Muslim School Proprietors (LEAMSP) offers quality education programmes at both the primary and secondary school levels. As a nontraditional board, with self paced programmes aimed at improving the educational standard in our member schools, LEAMSP provides adequate services and assistance to developing schools towards attaining the required status for registration. It also serves the registered ones in all areas that can further enhance their educational standards in line with the contents of the national curriculum. LEAMSP is an organization of Muslim Proprietors formed to bring school owners together towards attaining excellence in the provision of quality education for Muslim children especially, and for as many more other Nigerian children as possible now and in the future.

LEAMSP as a national body was inaugurated on the 30th December 1997 (1st Ramadan 1418) and has been registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission Today, (LEAMSP) exist in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Kwara and in the FCT. Efforts are in top gear to reach out to other states of the federation as soon as possible.


LEC Examinations Council

Enhancing the confidence of our pupils ...

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Registration Starts-September 1
Closes - December 31
Examination - March 2, 2019
Results - March 20, 2019.

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Call our Technical Support Center (TSC) on:- 08079280260; 07084061295


LEAMSP Organization Structure


Monthly General Meeting;
Staff Training & Development;
Hijrah Awareness Programme;
Inter-School Sports Competition;
Prefect Seminar;
School Inspection; and
Proprietor's Forum.


Proprietor's Summit;
Unified Examination.;
School Managers Training (for Head Teachers & Principal);
Co-operative Society;
School Approval Processing.


Workers' Retreat;
Proprietors' Luncheon;
School Directory;
Inspectorate Workshop for Proprietors and School Heads;
School Flag;
Unified Arabic Curriculum.


LEAMSP Programmes and Objectives

  • Teachers' Training and Development (Seminars, Workshops, etc) Head Teachers' Forum
  • Proprietors, Summit/Luncheon
  • Mock/Entrance Examinations for pupils in terminal classes (LEC)
  • School Inspection
  • Hijrah Awareness Programme
  • Inter-School Sports Competitions, Annual State Quiz Competitions, Speech Writing Competitions, Quranic Recitation Competitions.
  • Prefect Seminar.
  • Workers' Retreat.
  • Inspectorate Seminar for School Proprietors, Head Teachers and Principals.
  • Mock Examinations for JSS 3/Basic 9 Students shall, insha'llahu, commence soon.
Our Goals and Objectives ...
  • To facilitate the establishment of practicable and dependable Muslim education system based on Quran and Sunnah.
  • To collaborate with the Government at all levels in the provision or quality education to the children living with the areas where our member schools operate.
  • To guide member school through necessary procedures towards securing government approval and assist them in acquiring land for their permanent sites through collective contribution.
  • To establish, maintain and sustain standard in our schools.

We maintain a cordial relationship with the State Ministry of Education and all other government agencies that are directly or indirectly involved in improving the standard of education. We partnered with USAID-COMPASS as we very much do with DFID/EESPIN as present, FOMWAN, Religious Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Associations of Educators, and the Mass Media are all our partners-in-progress.

For additional information

Please contact us at the National Secretariat:
18, Atimo Street, Off Love All Street, Ketu,
Lagos, Nigeria.
President: Tijani Mikhail Taiwo (2348023545655)
Secretary: Raji Yekini (2348033733568)

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