LEAMSP Multipurpose Cooperative is a cooperative owned and controlled by every LEAMSP member with her Headquarter located at 18, Atinmo Street (Off Love-All Street, Ikosi-Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria. LEAMSP Multipurpose Cooperative follow the cooperative principle of one person, one vote. LEAMSP Multipurpose Cooperative provides services such as savings and loans to members as well as to non-members. Member control become intensify day in, day out.

LEAMSP coordinates resources, consolidates the purchasing power and provides operational and technical support to all her members to enable them to provide a wide range of services which will lead their schools to achieve their desire goal.

LEAMSP Cooperative is to be a vehicle for service to, and co-operation among members schools, by providing leadership and expertise to develop and safeguard the ownership participation of member owner.

For more information on LEAMSP Multipurpose Cooperative:
Contact: Mr. Mane of Officer
(+234) 802-345-6789

For additional information

Please contact us at the National Secretariat:
18, Atimo Street, Off Love All Street, Ketu,
Lagos, Nigeria.
President: Obalakun AbdulWaheed (+234-802-333-9691)
Secretary: Raji Yekini (+234-803-373-3568)

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